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Bio Agri business Division of Zytex
Zytex philosophy has been “Better Technology Better World” and keeping the same belief Zytex has introduced the new division called "PlantbiotiX". Bio Agriculture portfolio consists of products based on a wide variety of effective and beneficial microorganisms produced through a natural process and It comes in a liquid form and water soluble powder form. At PlantbiotiX we believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life processes

Microbes helps plants in improving absorption of essential crop nutrients; it also enhances plant’s resistance power against harmful diseases .The consistent use of PlantbiotiX’s biological products would results in improving soil health and broad spectrum disease protection in all of the major crops. PlantbiotiX with its array of superior quality products offers biological solutions for sustainable agriculture. It supports plant health by improving availability of crop nutrients, enhancing plant root growth and neutralising toxic compounds in soil, help plants in improving resistance against diseases, deterring pathogens and mitigates abiotic stress in totality assist in cultivating crops in a more sustainable way.

Microorganisms exist naturally throughout the environment and most importantly in soil. But years of heavy use of chemical fertilizers has disturbed the natural micro flora and thus leading to lower yields and more problems in farming.

Key benefits of PlantbiotiX products:
  • Improves fertiliser and water use efficiency
  • Facilitate in improving uptake of key crop nutrients
  • Improved nutrient efficiency lead to enhancement in yield and better quality of farm produce
  • Stimulates healthier roots and accelerates plant growth
  • Continued usage of Plantiotix inputs supports sustainable agriculture practices

PlantbiotiX range of products:

'P'rise Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria
Movi'K' Potash Mobilizing Bacteria
CropMate Plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria
Rubitrol Bacillus Subtilis based Biofungicide
Xplorer Blend of special Arbuscular Mycorrhizae
Velox Consortia of microbes to enhance and speed up the composting process
BP-100 Super natural bio-polymer to enhance nutrition delivery and keep high water retention
Rhizocare Tricoderma Viride Biofungicide