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Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions by Zytex

At Zytex, we're dedicated to tackling global aquaculture challenges with a scientific approach. Our solution begins with an extensive bacterial screening program, where we carefully select bacterial strains tailored to thrive in aquaculture environments and address specific challenges. This forms the cornerstone of our innovative approach.

We meticulously assess our bacterial strains for aquaculture applications, conducting thorough in-vitro and in-vivo testing to confirm their efficacy. Supported by extensive bioinformatics from whole genome sequencing, we ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our solutions. All our bacterial strains are spore formers. They are stable to physical stress, chemical stress, and heat. Thus, our formulations which are consortia of bacterial spores have excellent stability even at ambient conditions and does not need cold chain for storage and transportation.

Technology Emphasizing Effectiveness:

Strain Selection
Synergistic Blending
Quality Control And Certifications
Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous screening program, where we analyse hundreds of pond water, pond soil, and shrimp samples. Through this process, we've isolated over five hundred bacillus isolates, each extensively studied in the lab for safety, survivability in commercial pond environments, beneficial properties, and commerciality. Best strains were carefully chosen and were curated to make formulations that cater to specific applications.