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Improving Livestock Health with Zytex Probiotics

At Zytex Biotech, we're dedicated to advancing animal nutrition with our groundbreaking probiotics meticulously designed to optimize the well-being and performance of your livestock. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in our extensive research and development process.

We have isolated bacillus strains that shows excellent traits for animal nutrition, thoroughly assessing their safety and beneficial properties on various platforms like in-vitro, in-vivo and genomic level. As single strain Direct-fed microbials (DFMs) and formulations, our Zytex Bacillus products have shown phenomenal results at the field level, earning the trust and satisfaction of countless customers worldwide.

Backed by ISO 22000 and FAMIQS certifications, our manufacturing facility in India caters to both domestic and international markets.

At Zytex, we believe in leveraging better technology to create a better world. Our innovative products, applications, and strong customer relationships set us apart in the biotech industry.

Other Zytex Strains Used as DFMS In Animal Feed: