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Zytex was established in 1996 with its first venture into manufacturing of textile enzymes. The name 'Zytex' was coined from Enzymes and textiles. Zytex Corporation is one of the most recognized enzyme brand in India for textile industry today. Fermentation research started in the company in 2004 with a focus on bacillus technology. In 2009, Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd. set up a world class fermentation plant. Zytex, today, is one of the leading producers of bacillus in India and poised to become a global player.
From the core technology of fermentation, Zytex started its Bio Agri division PlantbiotiX in 2015. In just a couple of years, PlantbiotiX has become a highly recognized brand for its high quality and performance-based products in the agriculture. PlantbiotiX focus is on sustainable farming.

Zytex bacillus technology is now used in human nutrition, animal nutrition, aquaculture and waste water treatment.

Zytex group also operates Unilever’s global enzyme lab for its detergent division supporting more than 90 factories globally and since 2009.

Zytex group comprises of Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Zytex Corporation, Rashesh & Co. and Arun and Company.


Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Zytex has 2 manufacturing facilities
  1. The advance fermentation plant at Savli Biotech Park, Vadodara, India for probiotics and enzymes
  2. The textile enzyme and auxillary plant along with advance technology for silicone technology
Research and Development
Research and Development
At Zytex we encourage lateral thinking and provide an environment for creativity and innovation. Our Research initiatives are backed with the energy and dynamism of our research team.
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Zytex Presence
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News and Updates
April 2024
Glimpse of PlantbiotiX annual meet 2024
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The PlantbiotiX team convened for their annual gathering at the stunning Radisson Resort in Daman. They were brimming with motivation, determined to propel PlantbiotiX to the forefront as the leading company in ‘Microbial Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture.’ The training sessions on ‘working with passion’ and ‘team management’ were met with enthusiastic participation. #Annualmeet2024 #daman #plantbiotiX #Teambuilding #employeeappreciation

Business meet & successful product trials of Xplorer Glory at Philippine's field
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We are thrilled to share the success of our recent meeting with Eagle Stance and JC Dots Agri Ventures, Inc. in the Philippines to bolster our commitment to developing the Philippine market and advancing our goal of soil restoration and rejuvenation. Together, we aim to extend the reach of biofertilizers across the Philippines! Our ongoing trials of Xplorer Glory on rice for label claims are going well. Also, we had the honour of engaging with sugarcane farmers and gaining valuable insights into local agriculture. Our sincere thanks to all the Farmers for this opportunity and to Cynthia, Connie, and Jun for making this happen.

#EagleStanceEnterprises #JCDotsAgriVenturesInc #Zytex #PlantbiotiX #XplorerGlory #BusinessExpansion #PhilippinesConnections #SoilRestoration #Biofertilizers #Philippines #Organicfarming

Charting a Path to Sustainable Agriculture at Vietnam
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Zytex's recent expedition to agricultural farms in Vietnam, where our team delved deep into the challenges faced by farmers in Vietnam. At the enlightening 'Dr. Vinco' talk show at Vietnam, Dr. Prasad Pawar, PhD, representing Zytex, shared insights into our innovative microbial technology tailored for the progressive agricultural landscape of Vietnam. The session sparked insightful discussions on managing challenges with biocontrol agents, paving the path for a greener, more sustainable future. #SustainableFarming #sustainablesolutions #biocontrol #InnovationInAgriculture #VietnamAgriTech

March 2024
Meet Zytex's certified Safety Leaders!
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Zytex organized Government-certified First Aid Training for 5 safety leaders, equipping them with crucial skills in bandaging fractures, burns, managing poisons, and responding to cardiac arrest. Proudly extending this knowledge, our certified leaders will now actively promote and support the safety at Zytex.
#SafetyFirst #FirstAidTraining #ZytexSafetyLeaders

Adding a splash of colors to our professional journey!
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Our Zytex family members from Mumbai office, Baroda and Silvasa factories embraced the spirit of Holi with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Here's to celebrating colors of joys!

#Holi2024 #HoliCelebration #festivalspirit #TeamSpirit #TeamBonding

International Women's day celebration at Zytex !
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A glimps of empowered women of Zytex! In honour of Women's Day, we organized fun-filled games followed by a delicious lunch and gifts for all women at Zytex, Mumbai. For our women employees at vadodara plant we have organized movie time.

Together, we play the tune of progress and equality. Happy International Women's Day! #WomensDay #UnityInDiversity #ZytexWomanPower

Plantbiotix Team Technical Training Session at Mirage Hotel, Mumbai
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Zytex had the pleasure of hosting a comprehensive technical training session, at Hotel Mirage, for our dedicated PlantbiotiX sales team. The session was designed to equip our team with a deep technical knowledge and understanding of our products, empowering them to better serve our valued customers in the agricultural sector.It was inspiring to witness our team engaged in lively discussions, their dedication to enhancing their knowledge and skills, further strengthening our commitment to delivering excellence in field of agriculture. #plantbiotix #Agriculture #SalesTeam #TrainingSession #Empowerment #Sustainability #Innovation

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