Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Biotech Innovations for Waste Water Treatment

In our pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable world, biotechnology has emerged as a promising solution. At Zytex, we harness the power of biotechnology to address pressing environmental challenges, including wastewater treatment, cleaning, odor control, and waste degradation.

Drawing inspiration from nature's recycling mechanism, Zytex has developed cutting-edge technology harnessing the natural process of biological decomposition. By carefully selecting specialized microbes, we promote effective and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and deodorizing, ensuring safety for users and minimizing harm to the environment. Our innovative approach introduces highly specialized and naturally occurring microorganisms with enhanced degradation capabilities, leading to sustainable and impactful results. Check our products and brochure for more details.

Zytex's unique biotechnology extends across the globe, as we continue to drive innovation through our unwavering commitment to research and efficacy testing. With substantial investments in research and development, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the development and application of microbial technology.

Our dedicated team of scientists, based at our Mumbai R&D facility, boasts expertise in microbial physiology, genetics, fermentations, waste treatment, plant physiology, and plant pathology. As testament to our unwavering standards, our products meet stringent quality criteria and are ISO certified.

We firmly believe that the use of safe microbial technology offers a sustainable solution for cleaning and maintenance, while safeguarding the well-being of our workers, children, and the environment at large.
 BioSolutions for Waste Water Treatment
  • BioEzy 100 S
  • BioEzy 200 E
  • BioEzy 500 Q
  • BioEzy 1000 X
  • BioEzy Booster
  • BioEzy Ultra Boost
 Septic System Treatment
  • SeptaDoc
  • Odo-GO PT
  • Odo-GO AIO
 Zytex FOG & Grease Trap Solutions
  • BioEzy FOG
  • BioEzy Trap