Zytex Better Technology Better World    

We are an industrial biotechnology company in India.

We are serving a wide range of industries with our innovation and biotech products to help cost effective and sustainable solutions for our customers in the Textile, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Baking, Animal Feed, Wine, pharmaceuticals and Agriculture industry.

    Textile Enzymes and Auxiliaries Bio Agriculture
    SweetnerFOS Industrial Cleaning
    Nutraceuticals Baking Additives
    Cosmeceuticals Lab Services
As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we have taken initiative to change all lights at Corporate Office, Mumbai and the street lights at the Baroda plant to LED. This will reduce the carbon foot print and it will be Zytex contribution towards being more eco friendly company. Will continue this initiative and to change completely to LED lighting system at Zytex by end of 2015 and truly follow our spirit of "Better Technology. Better World."